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Ari Tahan - Pull Me Down
Ari Tahan - Pull Me Down

Ari Tahan – Pull Me Down

The soulful artist from Surrey, Ari Tahan, has just dropped yet another of her heartfelt pieces, Pull Me Down. Exploring human virtues and vices, the song makes for an emotive display that is instantly relatable.

Made up of catchy rhythms, infectious hooks and beats, the track is an instant mood upper. The smooth vocals are mellow, their timbre fusing readily with the soundscape. It seamlessly grows and expands into the melodies to become an illuminating presence. With passionate ascents and curves, the power of the vocals slowly emerges as the track progresses.

Disillusioned by a bittersweet relationship, the track reflects a stark clarity and a clear headspace. The song is a fascinating musical journey. Snowballing with gusto and winding power, the artist beautifully grows the track to become a force to reckon with. She amplifies the emotions with arduous walls of guitar riffs and zealous beats, to give the track a pop-rock flavor. Her vocals grows in strength and size, commanding the soundscape from under the glowing spotlight.

In the bridge, the song achieves a slow-dancing tempo. Vocals dripping with heart-breaking vulnerability and pain. The comforting acoustics sweeps through the song like summer rain before the song races on the heels of the drum beats to its climax.

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