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AMAVA – Feel Things | Strong pulses

The song “Feel Things” by singer-songwriter AMAVA, who is known for her folk-style, metaphor-heavy writing through the perspective of contemporary pop and hyperpop song subjects and production, was just released. As the song progresses, its momentum grows, and by the time it gets to the bridge, we are fully immersed in its atmosphere. The song keeps us all engrossed till the very end, kudos to the synth-heavy production and the exceptionally tight baseline and rhythm. I really liked how the storyline developed, bringing up and addressing such personal emotional situations. The lyrics have the capacity to vividly conjure up images of the characters in the song, leaving a lasting impression on listeners long after the song has ended.

The production’s powerful aspects were something I thoroughly loved. Man, that sounds extremely coherent and the drums and bass are perfectly timed. Overall, it makes the groove feel punchy and hits at the core, triggering us to simply tap along with the music as it grows on us. The song’s overall mood is greatly improved by the vocal performance, which is fantastic. Even after the music has ended, we would truly continue to hear the vocal tone in our heads. This prompts us to play the music over and over again. When it comes to the synthetic components, using arpeggios with such colourful tones sounds great and really amps up the excitement. Overall, I thought the writing was extremely good, and the sound really immerses us in the mood of the song thanks to the tight beat. The song will undoubtedly end up on many playlists as more listeners become aware of it.

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