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Sofia Evangelina - Get Outta My Head
Sofia Evangelina - Get Outta My Head

Sofia Evangelina – Get Outta My Head | Cascading Vocals

Sofia Evangelina is a Canada-born teenage artist and singer-songwriter. Currently living in Dubai, Evangelina is an actress, model, and singer. With her brand new single, Get Outta My Head, Sofia Evangelina explores the addictions of dreamy love and the relentless imagination that it provokes.

The song sports commanding vocals that holds your attention with its ravishing modulations and polished technique. With a simple melody lining the song, the vocals builds entire landscapes of cascading flows, towering mountains, steep cliffs and flying clouds.

Layered with beautiful vocal textures, the song showcases the artist’s wide vocal range. This becomes increasingly evident in the outro as five different pitches flawlessly fan and mushroom across the musical canvass. The resounding harmony beautifully conveys the plaguing intensity of crushes. We have all been there and felt the insanity of echoing thoughts and emotions as they circle and replay over and over again in our minds. Like a popsicle on a summer day, it melts all over our brains and sticks to us.

The artist’s storytelling abilities manifest in her vocal delivery. Sporting sophisticated musical articulation, the artist’s talent is far ahead of her age. She delves into simple themes with profound maturity that carries a universal appeal.

Despite being so young, you make songs that explore mature themes and emotional experiences. Can you tell us a little about your songwriting process and how you decide on the concepts you want to explore?

I may be young in age but I’m old in spirit. When I feel something, I feel it very deeply and intensely. I outpour my all into the songs I write. Everything I sing about comes from my outlook and my values; always speaking my truthI am often inspired by my own life, which has been very intense and concentrated with powerful experiences – traveling the world and experiencing different cultures. I think I’m also very receptive and perceptive to my environment and those around me. Sometimes I feel compelled to write about the stories or experiences of others. Other times, I create fictional stories based on my interactions with the world and with other people.

 Your vocal range and musical articulation are impressively advanced and sophisticated. Please tell us about your musical journey; did you receive any formal training or are you self-taught?

I began training on and off and began to take singing more seriously by 7. I’ve taken pop, Jazz, blues, gospel, soul, RnB, classical, and performance training, which can all be attributed to building me to where I am today and have granted me the key to where I’m yet to go. But I’m especially blessed for my mom’s presence in my musical upbringing because she introduced me to my every inspiration and taught me many methods to develop my voice, sometimes very unorthodox.

Today, I’m a vocal coach with a private vocal coaching academy. I’ve taken my entire life’s work to create a proven 360-degree approach to bringing the inner star power and voice out of anyone. However, I’m forever a student and I’m always hungry for more and to be better, to level up and up from each project. When I have big projects or shows, I work closely with my vocal coach (who is like family to me) to fine-tune my performance.

Which leads me to my next question – Where what or from whom do you draw your musical inspirations? Are there any artists that shaped and molded your musical style?

I owe it all to my mom for introducing me to such a rich realm of musical greatness from a tender age. An important part of my development was my fascination with Andrew Lloyd Webber and his “Phantom Of The Opera” from which I learned all arias by heart. It transfixed me so greatly at a young age that my mother even flew me to Las Vegas to see the live show.

But that was only the beginning of my exploration of music. Soon my mom took me on a soul train discovering Soul, Motown, Jazz, and Blues. Finally, I arrived at the movie Burlesque, where I met Christina Aguilera, and that was it! I felt at the time, as though I had seen myself, my soul, and everything I wanted to express through the way she sang in that movie.

I set a bar for myself right that moment. Discovering Christina led me to discover those who inspired and “made” her. That established an entirely new era of learning and molding for young Sofia. And that was only the beginning.

I began with a love for Motown, blues, and soul until I landed on my destination, the modern simulation of them all, R&B. As I was a young pro athlete, and surrounded by boys and street culture influence, I became infatuated with hip hop and rap, heavy rap, especially old school hip hop, which I would listen to every day.

My favorites were, NWA, Tupac, Biggie, Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, Blackstreet, J5, and Public Enemy, to name a few. My love for R&B continued to grow and intensify and my love for hip hop evolved more into modern sounds, drill, trap-soul, and R&B/hip hop mixes.

Some of my biggest influences and inspirations today are Pop Smoke, Drake, French Montana, Travis Scott, A$AP Rocky, Post Malone, Ty Dolla $ign, Teyana Taylor, etc. To be most blunt with you, my favorite artists today have been my newest discovery in the last year, and they don’t even make music in English. Most hail from North Africa, but their music speaks to me on a deep level that doesn’t require translation of lyrics to appreciate and feel.

To name my top few, El Grande Toto, Inkonnu, Tagne, Stormy, Didine Canon 16, Dragonov, Anas. Their productions are pieces of art. I’m grateful to live in Dubai – the cosmopolitan city, a crossroad of many cultural and musical experiences.

‘Get Outta My Head’ exhibits an undeniable musical independence and confidence. Would you say that it is a reflection of your personality and world view?

Yes! Haha. Right off the bat, the lyrics go “I ride alone, nobody in my zone, not to distract building my act”… into, “standards are high, I never compromise”. This is me, I’m definitely independent and strong-minded, but also enjoy being, and flowing in my feminine energy. This song is very coming of age for me, and it’s definitely a reflection of who I was at 17/18. Because I lived my life in the fast lane, by 19, I now feel a bit evolved from that place. This is the cool thing about evolving as an artist, you can always remember and reminisce on where you were in life whilst writing.

Rumor has it that ‘Get Outta My Head’ is only the first of many singles that are queued for release in 2022. Give us a peek into some of the projects and songs you have lined up for us in the future!

In this case, rumor has it 100% correct! We have 4 singles to follow “Get Outta My Head” before we enter into my forthcoming album era for 2023. The next single coming in the queue is pegged for October 20th, 2022 “Lone Wolf”. “Lone Wolf” is a record about the path of solitude one must undertake in pursuit of greatness. It’s a very personal record for me and I’m feeling it hard right now. I think it will hit home for many. In the lineup, you can expect some trap beats, catchy hooks, intense verses, and deep lyrics. We’ve also got some collaborations on the way, rap, afro-beats, and more, including a Hindi remix of “Lone Wolf” to follow the original drop, and an EDM house mix. 

The music is ready, the visuals are coming, the only question is, are y’all ready?!

Available on Spotify, YouTube Music and Apple Music.

Listen to Get Outta My Head by Sofia Evangelina here –

Sofia Evangelina – Get Outta My Head

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