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Eric Anders and Mark O' Britz – The Loss We’ve Won | Fine Rock
Eric Anders and Mark O' Britz – The Loss We’ve Won | Fine Rock

Eric Anders and Mark O’ Britz – The Loss We’ve Won | Fine Rock

Eric Anders is a Northern Californian singer and songwriter who has been making music with Mark O’ Bitz since 2003. Mark O’ Britz is a Southern Californian guitarist composer and together they bring in their own authentic styles to create music that’s not only appealing but also one of a kind.

They produce songs of mainly rock and blues genre which are quite traditional to speak of, but also have a contemporary element always present in them. Their songs have profound lyrics and always have stunning instrumentality that is quite attractive for the listeners.

Eric Anders and Mark O’ Britz recently released an album called The Loss We’ve Won which is a profound album of 9 songs. Each song feels like a poignant ballad strewn so beautifully with each artist’s musical tastes. What can be called as a deep, poignant album, can also be termed as a richly artistic delight for all the music lovers out there who have an ear for good rock music. The best thing about the album is its versatility and also the consistency in its theme at the same time. While the songs are actually quite diverse from each other, they also have a persistent theme going on. Each song feels intense or rather poignant and has a tint of melancholy. Perhaps that’s what makes it so enjoyable and worth-listening to in the first place. The songs are rich and are fused with both the artists’ ingenuities as performers and musicians.

Each song provokes deepest of sensations and that is the reason why you would want to play some song or the other from the album to complement your moods. Family Song is a song with profound melody and has to be one of my favorite songs. I added it to my playlist as soon as the first melody unfurled. But when the lyrics kick in, you realize it’s even better.

Our Load is another one of my favourites. It has somewhat a jolly vibe but if you look at it, it’s rather a deep and somber track with an amazing flow and outstanding soundscapes to complement it.

The whole album features some stunning tracks that are quite artistic to say the least. All I’d say is, if you like some good, crisp, rock music, this is the album to go for!

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