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Sweet Giant – Till You’re Blue | Charming
Sweet Giant – Till You’re Blue | Charming

Sweet Giant – Till You’re Blue | Charming

Sweet Giant is a band of three ardent artists that together create enchanting music. Their songs have a unique freshness to them, even though a lot of the elements are retro. Their unique, charming, and lively musical styles always create magic together.

Sweet Giant recently released an EP called Till You’re Blue. The moment I listened to the tracks, I knew the word I’d pick for this EP and that is charming. Each song has its own way of uplifting your spirits. The very first track in the EP called Till You’re Blue feels marvellous to listen to on a bright summer day. I could totally imagine it as an opening background track in a young adult drama.

The great thing about Sweet Giant is; that every track feels relatable and perfect for imagining scenarios. If you want to just experience music that’s not only crisp and fresh but elevates your spirits too, Till You’re Blue is the album you should try out.

My bones is an exquisite track. With a tad bit of somberness to it, it easily makes for one of my favourite numbers on the EP. Retro elements make this track even more fun and wholesome. The track is something you would want to listen to feel closer to yourself, while also perhaps reminiscing about certain someone or something that once stirred your emotions. The song feels delightful also because the soundscapes it offers are something quite unique.

Over To Nowhere is the third track that unfolds in an ethereal manner and flows in a smooth manner. Subtle pauses in the vocals throughout the song and then a sudden drop and rise make you feel on the edge. The song is exquisite because of its pace more than anything else. An utterly unforgettable rhythm!

Lastly, Back On Time is another track with the same exquisite feeling. The song has its own charm just like the first three tracks on the album. The flow, the musicality, and the lyrics make you feel at peace because of how well they complement each other.

Till You’re Blue is a marvellous EP that I exceedingly enjoyed. If you love contemporary and retro fusion in music, with subtle paces, yet unique soundscapes, this EP is a must-listen!

Listen to the EP right here:   

Visit this link to book your tickets for the Launch show on 29th June at The Strongroom Bar, London : https://link.dice.fm/LugGawgTDqb

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