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Natalie Claro - Cracked Pepper
Natalie Claro - Cracked Pepper

Natalie Claro – Cracked Pepper | Overdriven Excitement

Natalie Claro is an Alternative Singer-Songwriter based in Nashville, Tennessee, USA. She produces all her own music and records everything from the instrumental to her vocals. Her work has covered themes including politics, existential crises, mental health, confidence, and more. While her music speaks for itself, Natalie Claro certainly adds to her image with her exciting live performances. She has even performed with various popular artists such as Plain White T’s, Halfnoise, and Grizfolk to name a few.

Her latest single, Cracked Pepper, is a loud, explosive piece that serves up the most delectable tones. In true Expressionist fashion, the track features boastful tones with full sounds that sit really well in the mix. The drums go extremely hard and keep the rhythm flowing. Meanwhile, the overdriven guitars create this interesting atmosphere and the bass is to die for. Natalie Claro completes the sound with her vocals that seem so powerful. Her music is fast, heavy, almost grungy and an absolute joy to listen to. The avant-garde nature keeps things extremely fresh and exciting.

Natalie Claro seems to exude this air of confidence that definitely shows in her instrumental and even more so in her vocals. Additionally, Cracked Pepper is the kind of track you would want to moshpit to. It’s the sort of track that you’d expect to hear in a really rowdy crowd in an underground bar and has so much character.

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