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Mia Mormino – Alternate Reality | Insidiously Empowering

Mia Mormino isn’t your typical up-and-coming pop star. Beyond the Los Angeles native’s massive pop anthems, 900K+ Spotify streams, and 6M+ Youtube views, you’ll find something that every artist aspires to but few achieve i.e, honesty. Mia Mormino’s music has a strong sense of self-empowerment. For lesser artists, it’s a simple notion to imitate ineffectively. But Mia’s journey to a profound stage of self-love is essentially what makes her words so genuine and her music so enthralling. She has been making noise in the music industry lately (rightly so).

Filled with unique textures, the pop singer’s latest song ‘Alternate Reality ‘ is quite the explosion of energy. The fusion of icy synths punching through rich ambient layers gives a feeling of sensory overload, leading you on a heavy path towards an immense eruption of musical ecstasy.

Mia makes it apparent in lyrics like “I’m a bad bitch in my alternate reality” and “Built myself a throne so that I can feel like royalty,” that seeking to disconnect from actuality is not a character flaw, but rather puts forward a completely upgraded form of herself who won’t allow anyone to walk over her.  ‘Alternate Reality‘ has a sense of superiority that serves as a reminder of her powerful personality. With her latest electro-pop single, brace yourself to be taken to a different world.

I spoke with Mia Mormino about her new album, ‘Alternate Reality.’ Keep reading to find out what she had to say.

1). What sparked the idea for ‘Alternate Reality?’

Alternate Reality‘ came about when I was in my studio session with SAM X, explaining to him the recent discovery I had in my therapy session that week. I figured out that I have a tendency to drift off and live in these alternate universes when my life here on earth gets to be too much. Last year that was on full display with my Seven Deadly Singles project when I released seven songs and seven music videos with each one representing a different sin. I was a flight attendant in one, a princess, a boxer, a burlesque dancer, and an office employee. So this concept of escaping has been very prevalent within all chapters of my life. “Alternate Reality” is kind of like the lightbulb moment when I realized this habit of mine is a lot larger than I really realized.

2). Can you tell us about the creative process that went into making the song?

This creative process couldn’t have been done without the amazing SAM X and Ella Poletti. The three of us sat and came up with incredible ideas as to how we could express the concept in a way that would make sense and paint a clear picture. We did a handful of writing exercises to get our creative juices flowing and before we knew it we had an entire story that we all fell in love with.

3). What would you say the sound and vibe of ‘Alternate Reality is like?

That’s a great question! The sound is inspired by artists such as Royal and The Serpent and UPSAHL, but the overall vibe is heavily inspired by my love for all things cinematic, medieval, and evil. The darker the energy the better and this song perfectly encapsulates that energy. “Alternate Reality” is the kick-off to my villain era.

4). How do you come up with ideas for your songs?

 The concepts of my music are completely connected to the narratives, good and bad, that live inside of my head. I take my struggles and turn them into art in hopes of helping others feel less alone, but also as a comforting device for myself. Music is really the only place I feel fully comfortable being vulnerable and brutally honest with who I am as a person.

5). Is music your first love? Please share your musical journey with us.

Music is one thousand percent, my first love. Around three years old I would lock myself in the bathroom and sing. My parents actually have home videos of it, I’ll have to find those and share them! From singing Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face” in my fifth-grade talent show to dancing my heart out as a competitive dancer, music has been by my side for as long as I can remember.

6). What kinds of projects can we anticipate in the future?

You can anticipate a whole bunch of new music, music videos, live shows, and more in the future. I have about 30 songs in my “vault” as I like to call it so right now I’m in the process of figuring out how exactly I’m going to present them to the world. I’ve learned so much about myself within these past three months and I cannot wait to have it show through my music.

Here’s to hoping that ‘Alternate Reality‘ is the first track in a long string of 2022 singles.

Listen to ‘Alternate Reality’ here.

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