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The Prickly Pair - Rosemary | Sombre 
The Prickly Pair - Rosemary | Sombre 

The Prickly Pair – Rosemary | Sombre 

The Prickly Pair is an American duo consisting of the very talented artists; Irene Greene and Mason Summit. They have a classic signature rock style of music which they have always been true to, with their tracks. And this recent track called Rosemary is no exception.

Rosemary is a gorgeous track with a mix of Rock and R&B genres. The classic, nostalgic, retro edges in this track make it a classic. As soon as the first tune kicks in, you realize it is going to be a memorable listen. Not only are its retro tones attention-grabbing, but also would entice you if you are a classic rock junkie. 

The intense, heavily artistic vocals, provide the R&B touch to the single, further polishing its fineness. Undoubtedly, the song is a well-made track with a perfect blend of vivid textures, but the way those textures have been fused together is something to marvel at. 

The song explores sombre themes. Not only are the lyrics slightly melancholic, but you also love how well they complement the beats and rhythms. An excellent job has been done on instruments and mixing. You contemplate hard to find a flaw or a glitch, but you just can’t.

What I absolutely loved about this track is its retro undertones. It feels like a classic, and just the kind of music I am into; soulful, retro, moving. Its potential of making you soft yet hopeful is what made me add it to my playlist. 

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