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Hannyta – Make it to the Night | Communications in Equations

Hannyta, a UK-based singer-songwriter, has just released a new track called ‘Make it to the Night,’ which has a very lovely vibe to it. The song’s mood is soothing while still allowing you to move along. The songwriting is simply great in describing her feelings in such detail and clarity. With the language, the relationship difficulties are so vividly portrayed. This specific equation’s errors and miscommunications are so carefully woven within the wording. In addition to the excellent lyrics, the vocal delivery adds a great deal of passion and depth to the words. Even after the song has ended, the melody has stayed with us. Her vocal texture is also stunningly musical, which contributed to the whole ambience significantly.

The production value is outstanding. The ideas there are quite important in developing and keeping the overall feel. The mood is kept lively and engaging, piquing our interest in learning more about the song and allowing us to follow the excellent songwriting. The production is very supportive of the tune while never interfering with the flow of the song. The beat is consistent and keeps the energy rolling. The arpeggiated synthetic soundscapes are very enthralling. The chords blend very effectively with the emotional space of the song, adding a lot of dynamism to the song. I’m hopeful that many ears will be drawn to the song’s enticing sonic space and superb writing as it travels through landscapes.

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