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David Baron-Nagra Piano
David Baron-Nagra Piano
David Baron-Nagra Piano

David Baron-Nagra Piano | Access Memory

There are about a million releases of instrumentals released every year. There are thousands of artists, and all claim to be good. Well, that’s at least how they’re reviewed or hyped. I luckily in this case, have to just speak the truth. The magic of David Baron is not something that can be read. It has to be experiences. Let this be me convincing you with my limited words, how Nagra Piano is a soulful journey of bliss.

When artists compose, seldom are they able to relate the memory that the music sprung from. David Baron might not be doing it as well, but I accessed several memories listening to his tracks. Take Looking Into The Lens for example. It is an emotional and inspirational sounding track. I picture myself breaking out of turmoil, an act of bravado and zeal. Imagine each of these tracks as an act. Your only narrator is the ivories that David Baron caresses. A puppet with purpose and the vocabulary to access your past.

Accessing memories through notes

Songs like Rejuvenator are what defy time. The common saying goes, melancholy makes time stretch. Hours fleet past when you’re happy. Rejuvenator reminded me of a joyful memory in its entirety. The sad part being the length of the track. My Favorite Hiding Spot are songs that are spot on for the kind of sound they create. You see playful notoriety, a child filled with wonder and innocence finding themselves in a moment of solitude.

To surpass this construct of time that helps us stay sane with reality, Falling Dreams drags that away from you. Don’t be afraid to daydream, that’s when the best hallucinations are cradled to the surreal. The minor chord playfulness of Patterns in Rain make for the sorcery of rain and the emotion it carries a fairytale like affair. They reenact fleeting aspects of the showers, where you either scurry away or soak in the season.

I could dream of a Charlie Chaplin scene listening to Night Circus. The manic energy is contained well within the notes, with plenty of space to picture a scene of activity and awe. Just when you think nature is too complex to explain without its ambience, give David Baron a chance to contain its mystery unto his tune. Path of Butterflies flutters just like the poetic beauty of watching the winged creature capture pockets of air to take flight.

David has stories to tell

Continuing his fascination for nature and what it contains, The Lonely Birch, Late Night Walk tread on different grounds. They reflect the sentiment of the listener and fortunately the player here, who is able to capture the moment with this minimal display of art. Each demonstrates how space can compliment the notes, silence giving the music a statement to demand attention.

Conversation on cue with Simple Sentence. Mirroring the uncertainty in the dynamic of discussion, David Baron plays around the random nature of conversing. Reminiscing is brought about, with Constant Reminder. Like a talisman, it almost projects itself as a visual. The emotional departure with Ashes makes it a register that hasn’t been felt, something unsaid being lost in space.

Waltz on the Mountaintop reminds you to take time for time. It has the playful ring of the classic waltz yet dissipates into something distant yet familiar. With one of the most fantastic progressions I’ve heard, which was also by Bill Laurence by Snarky Puppy, City of Angels is more than the finale we deserve.

David Baron didn’t play you an album. He accessed the essence behind memories. He displayed them to you the best he can, with an instrument that speaks his language. Nagra Piano is a personification of a brilliant composers dream. It dances in silence and salutes the intangible that music can tether itself to. The proof isn’t in my words, its what this album will make you feel.

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