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pure xtc - Nobody's Home
pure xtc - Nobody's Home

pure xtc – Nobody’s Home | Astronomical Journey

pure xtc is the solo project of Baltimore native and New York-based artist, Taylor Hughes. After a myriad of both positive and negative experiences, Hughes found inspiration to create her music. Her first single, Ghost, followed shortly. Now, pure xtc has released a beautiful EP consisting of just 6 tracks and a run time of only 15 minutes. Nobody’s Home features Ghost along with a journey of positive and negative experiences from Hughes’ life.

The first track, aptly entitled Begin, is this experimental, electro-pop track that has a rather interesting beat. There’s this looming dark and gritty atmosphere that feels very provocative. For some reason, I’m reminded of Nine Inch Nails with the intense synthesiser and heavy pads that overwhelm you as a listener. However, it’s a great way to just let yourself immerse yourself in your emotions and this wonderful experience. Find a good pair of headphones or a solid sound system and this will be quite the experience.

Moving on to Ghost, Hughes’ debut single. It features heavy elements as well. The pure xtc sound is quite unique. It sounds like an amalgamation of Lana Del Rey, Nine Inch Nails, and general Electro-Pop. Ghost is the kind of track that will have you question your ears. There are a bunch of sounds that I can’t really pick up on, but they sound great! I love how experimental the track is. It’s no wonder this was the track that pure xtc released first. If her name is indicative of anything it definitely shows.

Moving on to Matches. Collaborating with Pistol Pete, this track follows the same gloomy atmosphere with a foggy tinge to it. Hughes’ dreamy vocals stand out significantly on this track, but it’s great to hear some smooth flow from Pistol Pete as well. The track as a whole is very ambient and reminds me of that period in the 2000s when the music fad was about creating music that felt like you were levitating.

The next track Bad Dreams has this dark electro vibe that sounds a tad bit like an EDM intro, but there’s also an alternative rock vibe going on as well. It’s confusing to me to try and decipher a genre, but it would be a lot easier to say that Bad Dreams is a great track. All of Hughes’ music seems to follow a theme of losing yourself to her music and becoming a part of the journey.

The final two tracks on this EP are less than everything else. This dark, gritty, gloomy theme prevails even in Underwater and Old Wounds. There appears to be a metamorphosis in the plot. It seems as though Taylor Hughes has a much more intricate understanding of her music. There are so many layers to every single track. Additionally, you may find yourself losing track of time with this EP, but fear not because it is only 15 minutes long!

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