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SilverTwins of Funk & Jenny Silver – DTF (Down to funk, are you?) – FUNK EDIT | Energetic

Bringing a modern twist to disco and boogie music, SilverTwins Of Funk (Fronkpac & Matt) along with singer Jenny Silver set out to create a rousing, upbeat song called, “DTF”. Featuring an array of gritty synthesizers, bouncy beats and huge vocals, “DTF” is at its core a feel-good dance track that will surely get you on your feet. Musical femme fetale, Jenny’s captivating voice is an instant highlight and one the listeners will have a hard time forgetting!

Playfully and with a lot of energy, “DTF” is introduced with a slightly harsh sustained synth and sultry ad-libs. The fusion of springy disco beats and the heavy bass from the initial groove of the track grows throughout the song. Fundamentally, the track is exciting and fun to listen to right from the track. As the title suggests, it seems the group has just one simple question – are you down to funk or not? With dazzling electronics, strong harmonics, and disco-reminiscent progressions, “DTF” has the potential to set a very danceable mood at any club or party!

In addition to a plethora of electronic instruments, the band has included melodic guitar leads and gliding synths that suit the mood of the track pretty well. The 4:49 minute-long track has a lot going on, though nothing seems too cluttered. Honestly, it’s hard to assign a genre to a track like this which comprises of sounds from 80s disco, EDM, pop and obviously, funk. With cheerful leads and exuberant vocals, “DTF” will surely stand out as one of those tracks on your playlists that you’ll play on repeat for a while!

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