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Basil Babychan-Transient
Basil Babychan-Transient
Basil Babychan-Transient

Basil Babychan-Transient | Reflect

Basil Babychan has a wide range of influences, ranging from Hans Zimmer to Sting & even the Backstreet Boys. He has used these influences to his advantage, creating melodies that transcend emotion and the metaphysical world, even as an aid to freeze time in its tracks. His latest single Transient is one of those endeavors, making it for the soul and not just the ears.

Transient is one of those tracks that have been touched by Hans Zimmer’s Midas touch. With inspired synths flowing like a creek, it takes along with it whatever touches it. The flowing nature of the track is a time to reflect, to understand and study the moment that transcend to either side of the track.

From his deeply moving album, Accidentally Incorporated, the manager/musician tries to tie the two sides of his life together. Devoid of lyrics, the expression rests on what the instruments carry from start to finish. They often bring with them a sonic effervescence, dawning a new meaning and a headspace that is encouraging.

Transient is also a melody that is a minimal desert of what the progression carries, and is a symbiotic relationship between the listener and the artist. This is a heart on the sleeve, spur of the moment production that carries within it a sense of being, almost human. Listen to Basil Babychan with his serene expedition here:

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