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Adam Stall - Adam Stall EP
Adam Stall - Adam Stall EP

Adam Stall – Adam Stall EP | Quintessential Rock n’ Roll

Adam Stall is an American multi-instrumentalist who records everything but his drums from his bedroom. Inspired by the good old rock legends, Adam creates music that takes you back to the music of greats like Led Zeppelin, Asia, Europe, and Boston. Adam’s voice could easily be mistaken for that of rock n’ roll hall of famer, Robert Plant. His debut EP, Adam Stall EP, is available now! With four tracks, the EP spans just over 18 minutes, giving you plenty of time to listen to it.

We start the EP in Dandy of a Day. Adam Stall starts off with a bang, much like Robert Plant in Black Dog. The track sounds like it belongs to the Led Zeppelin discography with a brilliant bassline, intuitive melodies and riffs from the guitar, and a driving drum line that keeps the rhythm steady. Stall hits high notes with such ease, it’s totally admirable.

We then move into the next track, Two Beaches, which is relatively mellowed out. It reminds me of the Houses of the Holy album where Zeppelin turned down the noise for a bit. Stall’s vocals cut cleanly through the beautiful instrumental. His bass line and drums keeping the rhythm as the guitar plays seamlessly throughout the track. Much like his vocals, Stall’s guitar work is iconic on its own.

The third track off the Adam Stall EP, Forest of Silence, begins with a grim opening riff. Stall’s vocals come in to breathe life into the instrumental. There’s just something about Adam Stall that screams Led Zeppelin. His ability to adjust the dynamics of the track and the tempo show how masterful he is in his craft. The guitar work that Adam Stall does throughout the EP is absolutely magnificent – something I’m sure Jimmy Page would appreciate. I find every element of Stall’s music ability to shine through, specifically on Forest of Silence. The track alone deserves an entire article dedicated to Stall’s work. It’s difficult to pinpoint any one outstanding element. I find Stall’s musical creativity and mastery to be beautifully showcased on this track alone.

The final track, Thru the Drizzle, picks the pace of the EP back up again. Adding to the classic rock feel, Adam Stall adds in harmonies that create such a lively ambience. I find that Stall really shows off his guitar work in this track, specifically. In addition to his lively guitar solos, Stall goes all out with his vocals, setting the scene for what his live shows could feature.

I find that Adam Stall is on his way to some rock glory. His ability to curate music with a story rivals full member bands like Greta Van Fleet. If Stall had a similar platform, I’m sure he’d be doing just as good as Greta. You’d best keep an eye out for Adam Stall’s music and I highly recommend his music to any fans of the good old rock n’ roll. If you’re looking for more from Stall, there’s just the EP out right now, but you can catch some of him in the interview we scored with him down below! Read on for more.

What has been the most difficult part of your music career so far?
I think the most difficult part would be learning the technology and process behind recording and performing music to create a “professional/studio” grade sound. This EP was entirely independently produced from the ground up, so I was starting with just my years of practice in different genres, attempting to engineer music into cohesive, memorable tunes you can jam out to! Another difficult part was becoming comfortable putting myself out into the world, expressing myself truly through music on record and live performances, as when growing up I struggled to find a voice.

Can you name a few albums that inspired you to take up this journey?
There’s too many! Here are a few of my favorites; Close to the Edge by Yes, any of Led Zeppelin, 2112 by Rush, Deja Vu by Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young.

What would you want to tell your listeners about the Adam Stall EP?
Listen with an open heart and mind, to excite and inspire your own individual creativity, adventure, and freedom. I’ve always wanted to create, play, and spread music in a positive, optimistic manner. These four tunes have been written for years, but only recently are finalized in recording after my obsessive research in March 2020 about producing music began. Being classically trained on the piano since an elementary age and trumpet since a similar time, I was brought up with expression from music built on performances of classical and baroque pieces. But outside of the structured schooling of classical music, I grew up with rock and blues records of the 60’s and 70’s, filling my youthful age learning and listening to the ways of the masters, wishing to create a similar alternative rock sound and pushing it into the future. Eventually, I wanted to experience and play all types of music, also including world/eastern music, rap, jazz; influences pour from all over.

How have you coped with the difficulties of the pandemic with respect to your music production?
Dandy of a Day was initially named 3-16 in my computer because on this day, March 16th, 2020, I created the first Logic Pro project and began this musical journey, and with a lot of time to myself during the pandemic, I could spend it all on music. I had no clue what I was getting into, at each problem tackled I became more inspired, but the l progress opened so many new doors for creativity and expression that I was quite overwhelmed at points! This past year let me truly focus on what I want to do with my life.

Which of your tracks from the EP was your favorite to record?
Forest of Silence was so inspiring and never got old to work on. I had so many ideas and different song structures written and thought-out, but had to focus the tune and not be so adventurous in the progressive sections, not yet at least. I found a tight vocal melody to match the guitar pattern, and it was just a blast to record and match the style and movements of the song!

Which would you want to perform first for your live gigs?
Definitely Dandy of a Day. I am beyond excited to hopefully hear the roaring bassline live sometime soon, and the vocals are really fun to sing and improvise off of!

What’s next for Adam Stall?
I am soon to begin performing live acoustic sets around my home of Midwest Ohio, wishing to bring these tunes to the grand scale of a full band at some point. I am busy writing and recording new music in my homestead studio, with plenty of projects I’ve been very excited about, so stay tuned!

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