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Kev Howell - Longnor
Kev Howell - Longnor

Kev Howell – Longnor | Dancing in the Sunshine

Longnor, Kev Howell’s new song, is a great blend of 80’s classic rock sound and modern mix with a tint of blues sound distributed in a subtle manner at different intervals. We may observe several variants of the rock genre, the transitional shifts between them being quite subtle. It takes some time to realise when you listen closely. The opening guitar tune, with a faint trace of blues sound, introduces the theme that will be explored throughout.

The double time shakers provide momentum and hold everything together, which is subsequently reinforced by the drums. I especially liked the songwriting, which takes over after a few of listens. The vocal theme is captivating, and the energetic fills by the guitar take us on a trip. As the song progresses, there comes a lovely breakdown and my favourite section of the song. The arrangement is really thoughtful and creative, and it builds up to the chorus quite well. The energy is constant and highly effective in the arrangement’s application of dynamics.

In a word, the music is cheerful and joyful. The finest portions of the arrangements are the improvised fillers. The drums, guitar, and vocals each have their own space and clarity in the mix, making it easy for listeners to hear parts of their preference and have a fun time.

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