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Wham Bam! - Outlaw Love
Wham Bam! - Outlaw Love

Wham Bam! – Outlaw Love | Catchy Grunge

Wham Bam! is the brainchild of South African-based Nico Tourelle, and Channel Islands-based Gideon Kretschmer. The two have been creating music together since 1996! They describe the music of Wham Bam! as Catchy, Spicy, Groovy, and Grungy and I completely agree with them. The futuristic nature of the music tied together with the old school nature of the individual elements makes me so nostalgic and reminiscent of some really good days.

Outlaw Love is a track that completely embodies the slogan of Wham Bam! The overdriven, grungy guitars are met by some futuristic synths, but what really wins me over is the two part vocal harmony of an already extremely catchy melody. Tourelle and Kretschmer have created a duet that challenges my belief that Layne Staley and Jerry Cantrell had the best harmonies. I am in absolute awe of the brilliance of Outlaw Love. The well-mixed track creates space for every single element, leaving no room for muddiness. The track reminds me of a more upbeat Alice In Chains or of King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard. However, I must add that Wham Bam! has its unique qualities. I truly adore the melody lines and rhythm created by the vocals and drums. The bassline creates a very groovy rhythm that compliments the grungy guitars.

I cannot stop replaying Outlaw Love. The track is truly worth the three and a half minutes (Although, I think you’d probably play it on loop). Need I say more?

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