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NICK CATOIRE – I Can’t Look At You Now (Rubik Remix)

“I Can’t Look At You Now” is a pop song by Louisiana-based artist Nick Catoire – it was recently remixed by producer Rubik. Inspired by the likes of Sia and Sam Smith, this posi, upbeat track is about Nick’s biggest heartbreak and features springy beats and catchy melodies.

The track begins with an appealing instrumental hook melody along with some suitable vocal chops. There are some typical EDM elements in this track – chord stabs, guitar loops, minimal synths – it’s not overly complex and quite easy to listen to. Moombahton drums set the groove, giving the track that bouncy feel – a great song to set the mood for the summer!

Nick’s expressive lyrics come from his experience with heartbreak and he sings with a certain optimism that’s honest and heartfelt. Nick, being an advocate for celebrating queer culture, is very passionate when it comes to creating his music – his vocal delivery is very direct and will surely speak to you.

Compared to the original, the Rubik remix has elements of tropical house that make the song more danceable. With Nick’s catchy hooks and Rubik’s clean production, this track sounds very professional and is commercially strong. Clearly, the collaboration worked really well and I can’t wait to hear more from them soon!

Give” I Can’t Look At You Now (Rubik Remix)” a listen on Spotify!

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