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Stephen James Orr(ft. Danny Zaidman)-Ceramic
Stephen James Orr(ft. Danny Zaidman)-Ceramic
Stephen James Orr(ft. Danny Zaidman)-Ceramic

Stephen James Orr (ft. Danny Zaidman)-Ceramic | Smooth

A surreal moment in music history for me was when Dick Parry entered the fore on the classic album Wish You Were Here and gives the performance of a lifetime. The track was Shine on You Crazy Diamond (Parts 6-9). Stephen James Orr has got a similar kind of magnum opus of a performance in his new track Ceramic.

There are several layers to unpack here, so bear with me as I fanboy over certain details. The guitar reverb has the subtle lightness of a cloud, while the vocals fade in stereophonic sound. Adopting the effect of smooth jazz & soul songs, Orr displays the star of his track Ceramic with a stark white background. The saxophone shines through, in a blown glass chandelier that has been detailed by Orr.

Like the moment I heard Miles Davis or Louis Armstrong play with the scratch of vinyl recordings, there are several moments I’ve appreciated in this track. The way it has been mastered and produced is impeccable, with just the right tone & tenor for a song like this. Stephen James Orr has produced a canvas for other stars to shine, while being the mellow ray of sunshine.

The vocals are well composed as well, with the guitar echoing through the abyss. The rich saxophone sound brings you back to earth but defies gravity. Orr has set a benchmark for himself that swings us back to the 70’s soul & jazz era, by virtue of sound.

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