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Des Boheme- La La Lonely Lies
Des Boheme- La La Lonely Lies
Des Boheme- La La Lonely Lies

Des Boheme- La La Lonely Lies | Mirage

Follow on the paths of greats, and success with purity of sound will trail along. Closely matching Paul McCartney’s vocals as well as musical approach in sensibility & orientation in McCartney II, Des Boheme enters the scene.

While capacious guitar strums reverb, Des Boheme debuts with a strong, emotional & palatable track, La La Lonely Lies. Almost similar to McCartney’s high-pitched crooning, Des Boheme displays true vocal virtuosity & candor with his music.

Strumming into the layered introduction with rich timbre of just the acoustic & his resplendent voice, Des Boheme plays in a landscape of simple chords. Backup singers echo the name of the track & his resilient vibrato sustains at points.

With La La Lonely Lies, Boheme harnesses the qualities of a superb singer-songwriter. The melody & vocals stand out to engrave themselves in your psyche for a prolonged period. He punches through the guitar’s frequency at points, determined to create an experience with the power of modest symphonies.

The New Zealander is now a naturalized citizen of the US and continues to make music there. We can expect more enchanting singles & maybe even an album to come out. The track is reflective of an artist’s greater intention- creating art & displaying it to the world as a creation of purity.

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