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Keegan Chambers- What I Wouldn't Do
Keegan Chambers- What I Wouldn't Do
Keegan Chambers- What I Wouldn't Do

Keegan Chambers- What I Wouldn’t Do | Disco

In the late 70’s to the early 80’s, ABBA dominated local and global charts with the catchiest, most enchanting singles of the disco era. Nobody said, “Hey, lets revive disco with derivatives of my own stylings and release it in 2021, where it’s very relatable.” Oh, I misspoke. Toronto local Keegan Chambers said it, and did it with her latest single, What I Wouldn’t Do.

In a brilliant mix of 80’s disco, 90’s pop and whatever style Chambers sings in, she manages to condense the past 30 years of dance & pop music within one track. Absolutely brilliant. I don’t dance usually unless it’s the Bee Gees or Boney M, but this track did it, in 2021 nonetheless. Keegan Chambers combines her Cyndi Lauper/Madonna infusions with her own style to sing over a disco anthem that just won’t quit the groove.

Though the opening made me dread another pop song where the protagonist loathes her stalker or something in those lines, Chambers launching into her verse made me change my mind instantly. The Boney M strings make their honorary appearance, to help set a tone to the track. Chambers has also managed to add a layer of 90’s pop backup singer section just for the thrills, because she can.

Back to the question, what I wouldn’t do to listen to this track repeatedly as my morning jam. I must be honest, being a metalhead I have a bias against songs that don’t use live instruments. However, if a song is catchy and disco era? Forget about it, I’m dancing and you should be too.

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