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Rogério Godinho – SOS Planet | Heart touching

Step into the world of Rogério Godinho, a brilliant artist whose talents stretch across music, photography, film, and poetry. Trained at prestigious institutions like the University of Évora, Lemmensinstituut in Belgium, and Hot Club of Portugal, Rogério’s music is infused with a deep sense of purpose and a message that can’t be ignored. As a former environmental engineer, he’s using his creative gifts to call attention to the urgent need for effective decision-making to save our planet. Rogério’s powerful lyrics and soulful melodies inspire listeners to take action against climate change and the destruction of natural resources. Join the movement and experience the magic of Rogério Godinho.

“SOS Planet” is an undoubtedly beautiful and heartbreaking song that will stay with you long after the music ends. The song begins with a melancholic and introspective sound but quickly shifts to Rogério’s soulful vocals that take you on an emotional journey. The minimal instrumentation and subtle changes throughout the song are incredibly impactful, and the lyrics are nothing short of amazing. The powerful lyrics in “SOS Planet” highlight the devastating effect humans have had on our environment. The lines “I guess I now know the price / Ain’t no song that’ll make you sing / You were the soil, I am the sin,” illustrate the consequences of our actions, forcing us to reflect on our mistakes and take responsibility.

The song’s minimalistic arrangement of instruments and vocals allows us to focus on the meaning of the words and contemplate the current state of our planet. Rogério’s haunting voice and the melancholic melody paint a vivid picture of the damage we have caused, both consciously and unconsciously. These lyrics make us realize how much more work lies ahead if we want to protect the planet. We all have a part to play in combating climate change and preserving our planet. “SOS Planet” serves as a reminder of our obligation to work together to protect the earth and restore its natural beauty. Whether you’re playing it while traveling along the highway or while nestled in a cozy corner, it’s the perfect soundtrack to an inward and outward journey.

Rogério Godinho, musician, and former environmental engineer felt that he should use his art to alert people to the urgent need for effective decision-making in order to stop the imminent destruction of the Earth. The wrong approach to the management of natural resources, as well as pollution in its various forms, has led to climate change, which consequently creates imbalances difficult to stop.The time to act is NOW!

Credits, SOS Planet:

Music: Rogério Godinho

Lyrics: Sam Azura

Arrangement: Rogério Godinho, Francisco Sales

Musical Production: Francisco Sales

Piano, Vocals: Rogério Godinho

Electric Guitar: Francisco Sales

Mixing and Mastering: Mo Hausler​

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