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Destiny Imani - Chosen
Destiny Imani - Chosen

Destiny Imani – Chosen

Destiny Imani has just released her new transfixing jewel, Chosen. The song encapsulates the humility and happiness of being irrevocably in love – the kind of love that is grown with care and light and nourished with kindness and patience.

This smooth R&B, Soul funk track streams like happiness. Its shimmering lines of melodies beautifully extract a mellow euphoria that is long lasting. Sparkling with rich drops of endorphins, the soundscape is a museum of love and gratitude. The fuzzy texture of the vocals absorbs the glistening trails of synths to radiate the protagonist’s joy.

If you ask me, the track is just so pretty. The emotions and sentiments that are contained within its vibrant vessel are so precious, and delicate – tender threads of goodness vibing with the universe like a shining heart. Exquisite weaves of acoustics and synths serve up a devouring happiness. And, when we look at the simplicity of the composition, we can’t help but wonder how the artist managed to create such an emotionally rich experience with fine lines of acoustics and dots of synths.

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