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Nate Who-Bipolar Gemini
Nate Who-Bipolar Gemini
Nate Who-Bipolar Gemini

Nate Who-Bipolar Gemini | A new form

It is a reflection of who has been, and is now. Nate Who has explored a lot as an artist, and this might be him, completely honest and stripped down. It might signal a vulnerable, more changed and mature way of looking at his art. Let’s see why Bipolar Gemini might be his best work.

Opening the album with Flight to the Moon, he uses an ocean- a large expanse of sound and definitive lyricism. His intentions are clear, the love a real fragment of his being. The rhythm settles slowly, dampened behind his melodic vocals. This is R&B in its essential soul, the myth and realm of which has to be understood before performing the melodies.

With Disappear, he shields a part of him that has been shrouded for a long time. The trap style beats punctuate what is the character and sound of this brilliant track. He has once again opened up his journal to his deepest desires and feelings. The sounds are clear and sharp, they display the best and worst parts of him in a deluge of emotions. The lyrics are king here, making sure the catharsis is evident. Nate Who continues his effervescent personality with The Rain. It has a more laid back theme, of just something that he yearns for. His navigation around the beats and melodies is masterful, he doesn’t spend time just looping the chorus, each part is a fresh breath before the next verse.

Bullet to the heart

Like Me uses a more spaced out, relaxed environment to create a push in a different plane. The beat does distort in places, a strange crunch to it. His delivery is like hip-pop, it takes its time to settle but is punctual and consistent. A simple pause with some real edge to it. Believe is the next single, taking a different sound structure to a rebuild. It has a quicker, edgier tempo and instrumental. Nate Who keeps his approach warm and condensed, using his melodic, soft voice to create the basal tone required. Short but exactly the kind of dose this kind of song requires, he ends it with a dreamy phrase.

I Let You Down brings the unguarded spirit back, with a great chorus section. It is neat, and has some nice phasing for the instrumentals as well. The verse is memorable, and the harmonics double well with the effect. Drown is the next track, an intense development. It cascades and falls, flows and organically builds as well. The rhythm is something that was addictive to listen to, and Nate has a certain way of drawing near the song, which is signature.

A simple and creative groove comes with I’m So Damn High. It brings the best of Nate Who’s vocals to the front, with a very catchy verse section leading to a compulsive and tightly formed chorus. Nate really brings the best of his work to us with this album, something that is closer to his heart. He has a creative edge and a mesmerizing voice that makes every track more enjoyable and an honest experience. Listen to his album here:

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