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double comfort safari - mountains
double comfort safari - mountains

Double Comfort Safari – Mountains | Nature Jam

Double Comfort Safari is a solo project by musician Paul Renwick. Heavily inspired by rock bands and artists like the Beatles, Bob Marley, Radiohead, he blends rock with contemporary pop. His songs are populated with Asian, African and Arabic influences. With profound reflections on life finding expression through conversational lyrics, the artist’s sound is honest and relatable. Mountains by Double Comfort Safari is one of the first releases of a five track debut EP.

With a mellow vibe, the song uses a mosaic of sound profiles that pleasantly mingles with each other. The baritone vocals are soulful as the lyrics describe the appeal and majesty of mountains. The song carries the joy of the artist as he perceives the alcoves of beauty hidden within the quiet mountains.

The artist employs ethereal and echoing harmonies to capture the magic of the mountains as they interact with the flooding waters of the rivers below it and the powder blue skies above. We also see trumpet melodies that punctuate the song before fading into the guitar rhythm.

The joyful rhythms convey the frolicking life in the mountainous abode. The alternating musical articulation contained in the song creates an effect of calming euphoria. The changing melody cycles of the bass guitar, whimsical synths, echoing harmonies, trumpet punctuation is carried and blended by waves of playful beats.

Available on Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube Music.

Listen to Mountains by Double Comfort Safari here-

Double Comfort Safari – Mountains

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