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David J | The Renditions | Weekend Vibe | Singer-Songwriter
David J | The Renditions | Weekend Vibe | Singer-Songwriter

David J – The Renditions | Weekend Vibe

‘A little too much’ starts off with some slow keys and raw vocals, setting the stage for the rest of the track. The percussions come in to the mix and change the whole idea you had of what this track will sound like. David J has figured out the perfect percussions mix to support his vocal style and its just a vibe! The vocals are vivid with very few time-based effects. Though there are moments when there is a chorus that seems warped out and has a lot of delay and reverb. The elements keep layering onto each other one by one as the track progresses. Toward the peak of the track there are quite a lot of elements, but spaced out really well in the mix and not confusing for the listener.

“Talk a little too much….fill me up again….bring me back to life”

Man what an introduction in this track. This is edge of the seat intro that keeps you hanging and guessing as to how this song is going to go! 0 disappointment! David J managed to get it perfectly right and the anticipation actually built up to something really interesting. The vocals effects of the chorus, that he seems to use as ear candy to grab the listeners attention, is nothing short amazing.

“Just a little, just a little too much”

‘PROM king’ is the second track in this release and is a lot peppier right from the start. Peppy is an odd word to use but surprisingly very appropriate for this track! The percussions come in right from the start and the vocals have a slight time-based effect to give it that smooth finish. Again, David J has set the vibe with his production skills and choice of sounds. It’s a very oddly tropical yet chill vibe with some really nice vocals. Its surprising that David can accomplish all this single-handedly.

“I don’t wanna dance, I just want to see your face”

A really nice hook with some cool effects that make it sound like its coming from an abyss below or from some kind of hand-held radio. An interesting effect to use on the chorus. Always pay attention to David’s lyrics as he can just surprise you sometimes. His lyrics are very practical and relatable to most listeners as the things he talks about are usually generic instances that happens in all our lives or at least in the TV shows that we watch!The vocals slowly fade off toward the end to make time for a 30 second ‘outro’ that is just an exhibition of David J’s sound palette. This is the ‘vibe’ that ive been going on about in this review! And boy does it sound amazing!

Impeccable mixing and amazing sound design can make any track sound good. Add some really creative vocals and effects into this and you’ve got a masterpiece! Amazing tracks to vibe to on a Sunday afternoon in the living room with a tall glass of whatever it is that you drink in a tall glass!

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