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Ceyeo - Broken | Upbeat Redemption 
Ceyeo - Broken | Upbeat Redemption 

Ceyeo – Broken | Upbeat Redemption 

Ceyeo is a Chicago based musician known for creating distinct and unique numbers. His music inclines toward rock but also has vivid hip hop elements. Ceyeo creates music in genres that are hard to experiment with, especially when combined together. But nowhere do you feel the lack of ingenuity. And that’s his best trait. His flairs shine bright through each of his tracks. 

His recent single called Broken is another fresh number that is just as energetic as his other tracks but is authentic nonetheless.

Broken is a nice, upbeat track that will satisfy the rock junkies out there to no limits. The song has everything in it, the energy, the feels, the passion, and of course, great music. Ceyeo does a great job at combining the rock beats with hip hop. The lines that he narrates at the end, add such feelings to the whole song that it cannot possibly be articulated. You will have to listen to the whole song and be the judge yourself in order to grasp the richness of this track in the best way possible. 

Moreover, for people who like experimental tracks, Broken is just for you, Nothing about the track is ordinary. Ceyeo does a great job at the vocals too. With the perfect balance of everything, things come to the surface just the way they should. 

The lyrics of Broken are quite melancholic but have a tinge of redemption in their tone that feels just right. Overall, this song is a must-listen if you are into rock or hip hop. 

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