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Dainis Tenis-Momentum II
Dainis Tenis-Momentum II
Dainis Tenis-Momentum II

Dainis Tenis-momentum II | A retreat

Dainis Tenis is a Latvian pianist, musician and composer. His songs bring melodic levity to a moment, it is simple yet creates a network of influences. All his songs are complete to the last note, they often complete themselves as a tale well told. The new single momentum II is no different.

Keeping the purity of the piano with a diatonic entry, Dainis proceeds to dance around this very simple two note pattern. The myriad possibilities available, he waltzes through each to create a new framework. His song has a sequel attached to itself, as it changes weather after the 2 minute mark. He uses this to approach it from a different angle, the arpeggios striking with the warmth of the first rays of the sun.

Dainis has performed for Bedre, a Latvian film as well. This is something that resonated quite a bit in my thoughts, a scenic depiction using notes. momentum II changes texture again through the third act as it explores the deft work of both his hands, creating a complex weave to follow. A song worth a thousand words said with none.

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