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Render Ghosts – Eye Rhyme | Fresh Synth-pop

Synth-pop trio Render Ghosts are out with their vibrant new debut single titled ‘Eye Rhyme’.  Hailing from London and Utrecht, the group comprises Dutch singer-songwriter Tamara van Esch, arthouse pop composer Tom O C Wilson, and sound artist Iain Chambers. The three different musicians make very different music individually, but as Render Ghosts, they have collaborated to create a very fresh and unique sound that is both engaging and inspiring.

The track is introduced with bright keys and a vocoder-like growling synth over an upbeat rhythm. Tamara’s delicate vocals play along with a raw piano melody – very playful and light-hearted. As the track progresses, synth arpeggios emphasise the colourful chord changes smoothly and complement the soft keys. Render Ghosts’ sonic palette is something quite out of the ordinary – simple instrumentation, mellow electronics and a touch of otherworldliness.

With a deep bass tone in the verse and a gritty, punchy tone in the choruses, the song has a lot going on in the lower frequencies. The three-minute-long track has a lot of wobbly synths and a rich stereo spread as well. It seems as though the synths have been resampled from old video game sounds. It’s got that computerized, shimmering quality, that takes you back to those 90s pop vibes, but fused with the group’s modern influences.

Render Ghosts come from a variety of different musical backgrounds, and that makes their music unique in a way like no other. Their experience in their respective fields is evident in their latest release, owing to the masterful production and song-writing of ‘Eye Rhyme’. It’s a fantastic song that gives listeners a glimpse into their world of wonder and inspiration; an eclectic mix of genres that’s truly captivating!

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