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Them Velvet Tongues-I Am The Drug
Them Velvet Tongues-I Am The Drug
Them Velvet Tongues-I Am The Drug

Them Velvet Tongues-I Am The Drug | Riff Raff Rock

Hope you’ve heard of Them Velvet Tongues. Alright, now that you have lied, let me introduce you. If you don’t know who they are, they can introduce themselves. They don’t need some word soaked, pretentious string of accolades and lines of verbal cocaine from me. They know who they are with I Am The Drug.

Channeling the German monsters of hard rock-The Scorpions, Them Velvet Tongues open strong. They open like that explosion from that “This is not meth” scene from Breaking Bad. You know something badass is coming, its just worth witnessing it. With a riff loaded combo 2 from your favorite chain restaurant, I Am The Drug makes use of the vocal range that crests and peaks with the song, while the two guitarists channel the power of Malcolm and Angus Young.

For a debut track, it has everything. Not your standard, off the counter opioids, this track is what most of the 80’s were made out of. What made Nikki Sixx keep going. For a rock song, they have a pretty fun video that just doesn’t show bare asses and crowded bars going wild. This Velvet Revolver energy track is what lies at the foundation of all things rock.

Listen to their explosive track here. If you don’t like it, don’t whine like a bitch without a bone is all:

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