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Red Skies Mourning - Paralyzed
Red Skies Mourning - Paralyzed

Red Skies Mourning – Paralyzed | Progressive

Red Skies Mourning is a musical project started by Chris Aleshire. It explores dark emotions while embracing melodic hooks. RSM fuses the classic era of Rock n’ Roll with modern, contemporary stylings. Chris Aleshire tends to create a very Post-Grunge atmosphere with his music.

Paralyzed is a track that has a very progressive build-up. Once you get to the chorus, you feel almost like you’re floating. The guitar work reminds me of Poets Of The Fall, while the vocals remind me of Chris Cornell. The gloomy atmosphere encompasses you as if assimilating you into this trance. I love when musicians do that. I get a really strong Poets Of The Fall vibe going on with the track. The progressive build-up with a sense of anxiety from the fast-paced drums really keeps you going. The piano, while looming in the background, plays a major role in setting the tone for the entire track. It adds to the tension, creating a more hostile environment. This is well-aligned with the Red Skies Mourning goal of dark emotions and melodic hooks.

I really enjoy Red Skies Mourning. The music is very intriguing, keeping you on your feet and anticipating what you’ll hear next. The progressions keep building and releasing which works perfectly.

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