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Bones in Butter - This Is Not What You Promised Us
Bones in Butter - This Is Not What You Promised Us

Bones in Butter – This Is Not What You Promised Us | Jittery Pulsation

You’re hooked from the start. ‘This Is Not What You Promised Us’, Bones in Butter’s new song, is thrilling and pulsing from the outset. It has the typical alternative feel, but with a strong arpeggiated/pulsating synth line that adds depth and fascination. It certainly piques your interest, prompting you to seek out more similar components.

Milutin Krašević leads the Serbian band Bones in Butter. It is a collaboration of performers from the Belgrade alternative music scene: six creative brains with years of touring and band experience, Luna Škopelja (vocals and samples), Todor Živković (guitars), Dejan Škopelja (bass), Tom Fedja Franklin (drums), and Srdjan Popov (guitars) (mixing). They produce art in a manner that few can, with their music and literary poetry, and thereby define the poignancy of Bones in Butter. So when you listen to their music, you know it’s been fine-tuned to a fine edge and is infused with a message that elevates the experience to a whole new level.

With this new song, it’s interesting to hear the blend of melody and how good lyrics can enhance the whole ambiance of the track. The kick-cross-stick layering with the melancholy choir harmonies sounds divine. It’s haunting in a polite way, for want of a better phrase. The entire song’s idea and subject are so firmly bound to the major riff of the song. It summarises the atmosphere, and each time it appears, it is delivered in a new way, making the part even more melodically rich and technically superior. The counter melodies on the guitars are appropriate, and tones play an important role in generating the proper feelings at the right times.

The tension of the tune is created through a strong melodically driven arrangement and modulations. The band did an outstanding job. The bottom end is tight and keeps the song firmly in place. The song’s core structure shines out. For me, it was a really intriguing and shuddering listening experience; it makes you think and puts you to the state it intended to create.

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