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Mr. StarZ – MindReader | Banger

If you’re familiar with some of Mr. StarZ’s previous House hits like “Lagos” and “Blastback”, you’re in for a great treat because his latest release, “MindReader” is an absolute banger! With this track, Mr. StarZ (aka Travis) puts a new spin on KastomariN’s popular club song of the same name. The Boston-based producer learned to play xylophone and sing since he was a kid, and a visit to Las Vegas inspired him to create EDM music for the masses!

The song is at its core a House-EDM track that is full of energy and has the potential to get you on your feet instantly. KastomariN’s vocals come in with a heavy and distorted synth bass right from the start of the track that already has a lot of energy and is quite loud. A simple electronic four-on-the-floor kick/snare pattern, similar to most club bangers, sets the flow of “MindReader”. The lighter verse and breakdown section with rising snares, allow for a dynamic change in volume, that ultimately enhances the impact of the drop and also in turn helping the powerful vocals shine through better.

One of the main characteristics of EDM music that gives off a sense of satisfaction is its control of release and tension – Mr. StarZ has masterfully done that aspect justice on “MindReader” and created a very danceable club remix. The 2:47-minute-long track features upbeat percussions, melodic synths, interesting transitions, and head-bangable drops that will leave you craving for more!

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