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yon idy my fire
yon idy my fire

Yon Idy – My Fire

A deep, introspective ballad-like presentation, “My Fire” is the freshest single from Skopje-based singer-songwriter Yon Idy. Yon’s sound can best be described as an instrument-heavy, acoustically inspired indie-pop of sorts; with elements of orchestral instrumentation and percussion seeping into the mix rather tastefully.

The song starts off with a soothing guitar intro with some interesting melodic choices and post-processing. His tone is mellow and dark, suiting the style of the song. When his vocals do kick in, his accent is immediately distinctive, very middle-European; it lends itself to the song very gracefully, adding some much-appreciated variety to the presentation.

Yon’s husky voice sends a mild shiver down your spine as he tells you to stay away from him– but not really– as he reaches out to the inner struggle with his lyricism; deep thinking and slight melancholy shine here. The choice of instrumentation is very unique here, with an orchestral influence all throughout; I could hear an orchestral triangle at multiple points in the song, with the pizzicato violins lending a sense of dimension to the mix as well.

The post-production is airy, and captures the vibe of the song very well. There are subtle hints of ear candy all throughout the track, which make it that much more rewarding a listen to the very discerning. I had a ball listening to “My Fire”, and you can check it out here!

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