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Old Man Soul Club-Around Our Table
Old Man Soul Club-Around Our Table
Old Man Soul Club-Around Our Table

Old Man Soul Club-Around Our Table | Retro

Old Man Soul Club. Can a group name be any more self-explanatory? Blending the likeness of soul, blues, and a retro vibe. The group encourage you to buy that retro radio player, a good hammock, and a cool drink of hard lemonade for the summer. The track is called Around Our Table.

With the famously recognizable blues shuffle beat in the background, Old Man Soul Club launch into the relish of old school, vintage tunes. The layered acoustic guitars sound rich, with phasing dancing from ear to ear. The harmonica and vocals come in later, and the vocals sound like the distorted crunch of a tube amp. Beautiful production work for the track.

The harmonica and guitars waltz around the track, creating a full sound. I think I can discern some strings as well, which are subtle enough to meld into the soundscape. A flute or piccolo is also identifiable and as it has been balanced so well, it adds as an embellishment to the track.

Old Man Soul Club seem to be going the other way, showing that progress doesn’t need a vector direction. They have found true chemistry in their sound, and all their tracks show it, from the entire album of Modern Jimmy to the other single earlier this year, The Streets. A true, good promise and a dazzling bright future for Old Man Soul Club.

Shimmy to their retro groove here:

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