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Dean Carter-Songs Without Words/Towards Tomorrow
Dean Carter-Songs Without Words/Towards Tomorrow
Dean Carter-Songs Without Words/Towards Tomorrow

Dean Carter-Songs Without Words/Towards Tomorrow | Through a dream

The stories of today are to be told tomorrow. There is a pause in the cosmos every time an artist comes across a moment of genius. Dean Carter might have had one of those moments. His debut album is called Songs Without Words/Towards Tomorrow. It is the humble beginning of an instrumentalist who understands the subject he will tonally transcribe. This takes time, time is all it takes.

Sea of Tranquility is the introductory tune. It is a soft, guitar based arpeggio, almost meditating on a topic. The core melody remains central, it is the phrasing around with the lead that keeps changing. Dean Carter has no words to describe what he sees or feels, by choice. This is a moment of long composure, in a train of thought. Nostalgia comes next, a happy, quicker track in terms of rhythm. The magic is still by the duo of the guitar and the guitar. One expresses the words in ways, the other sets the scene like a narrator. It almost feels like Bert Jansch on his proverbial stool of thought, creating melodies for us all.

String in the voice

Calm Space is a niche of comfort. Creating a mixture of open pockets, with minor scale tales, there is a lot to learn from these songs. With the sole instrument doing the heavy lifting, it is important to hear more than what is being played. One August is an incident that is being reminisced, it has the unison and ring of a song that drives memories, like the track Nostalgia. Dean Carter is a master at painting a picturesque panel of art with a minimal number of strokes. Beltane’s Gift has the ringing, rhythmic resolve of something that wishes to create suspense. It has a thrilling undertone, with a shrouded level of creative mystery blooming. It chugs like a train, showing new stills of different images.

Winsome is a wonderful transitionary track. It bridges the tense atmosphere of the previous, a second of respite before Newd, the next single. It still funnels in the kind of sound and essence that can be revolved around. Alone with the thoughts and the aversion to the superficial is understood with Newd. It has a bluesy core that dances between the folk sound and blues with equal grace.

What the voice must say

Oldd has Dean Carter describing a phase with his instrumental prowess. He is a virtuoso of translating, without language being involved. Like a lot of work from Chet Atkins or Paul, you see the wordings be clear on the output of the instrument itself. All My Friends is the first track with vocals. Gentle and chiseled with a warmth of solace, the vocals don’t taint the meaning of the track. The attention is still on the flowing instrumentals. The verses come in like waves at the beach shore, each having varying intensity.

All the Things We Want to Be changes the order for a strumming intro. The vocals once again ring out the underlying emotion. This is the Towards Tomorrow aspect of the album, where words bring in what must be said. Everything is wonderfully controlled by Dean Carter and his delicate balance between instrumentals and vocals. Together Alone is this artist’s dreamland. The epic needs range, because of the emotions and verses involved. It a track of unity, love and passion. The rhythmic loop is enchanting, with a concrete confidence yet having the gentle babbling nature of a brook.

The ripples will show

Thine Is the Kingdom brings a question of faith to power, with unique chord progressions. Dean Carter understands the themes he sings about with a yogic strength, the meaning never folding around with fear. Only to Feel Her Slipping Away comes close to concluding this genius album. It is of a songwriter that is resolute on bringing purpose to the songs he makes. There is a fleeting love felt with the pensive poem created for this one. No More No Less understand the rhythm change to create a catchy, unique track amongst the texture of songs created here.

Torch Song might be the perfect closer for an album I’ve heard this year. The compositional is simply ethereal, bringing some simple rhythms and progressions to life. The vocals have never sounded better, yet no compromise is made on the quality of the lyrics. Dean Carter has brought life to an album with the elegance of a master singer-songwriter. Balancing acts of instrumental virtuosic ability along with cutting, sharp lyricism-he has achieved in a debut what some take a lifetime to. This takes time, time is all it takes.

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