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Cardboard Boxer-Current Youth
Cardboard Boxer-Current Youth
Cardboard Boxer-Current Youth

Cardboard Boxer-Current Youth | Rip the cord

Cardboard Boxer is a pugilist figure that is also a steroid container. This rock outfit has their vision so clear, they could prepare a presidential manifesto. With high octane tracks being released since 2017, they’ve shifted to a gear outside the gearbox in 2022. After a series of singles that could tingle your senses, they bring to you their album. This is Current Youth.

If you want to be in awe of the batter, look no further than their first 3 songs. The first is a riff based, rock-your-block track. Quick tempos, crunch guitar and innovative vocal delivery make this one a highlight. The instruments are layered, for the discombobulating delivery and your entertainment. Growing Older is the next track, builds on a frustum of solid sound that had already been established. It has more of the alt-rock movement sound, A huge crowd pleaser track for sure, this is one for the stadiums. This creates a fun crest and trough of their tempo and aggression in the tracks.

In shock value

Reasons reel in all the years when Rise Against brought in the biggest sound, with their anti-establishment sound. The chorus has the guitar follow the lead vocals, swerving swiftly to create their signature sound-layered and complex. Cardboard Boxer are on their toes, and you’re almost against the ropes in just three solid tracks.

Cutting Ties and Burning Bridges brings in the melody for the home run, there are moments when you’re lost within the chorus. The tempo always make sure you’re on your toes, headbanging, bobbing and weaving. Waste My Time has a heavier, slower riff to give a deeper, darker and biting sound. Transitioning quickly to their gallop, the track provides a speed track for time to quickly skim past.

ICU Again uses an innovative intro, where vocals finish 2 bars without instruments. By the time the live band enters, it’s like a cigarette at a gas station. Quick and relentless, Cardboard Boxer don’t compromise on the arrangement they make, no matter how much is post-punk chaos. Waiting Calmly is one of their slower tracks. Almost in ballad like motion, we dive into the blistering tempo they are comfortable with. The leads form comfortable cones of sound, things people can sing back.

Pseudo Confidence uses an energetic progression to break through the farce. A set list of this album alone can create tremors in the club, and these guys can sway a crowd. Falling Fast is the penultimate interaction, using the chugging style guitar delivery to make an indefatigable premise. By the time you reach All Outta Time, you’ve exhausted your ability to show how much you’re digging this album. Probably no weak songs, all have highlights in them, creating vortexes of mosh-pit savouring energy. This is crème deluxe. Only problem, you’re warranted to have one of the best album listening parties ever.

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