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ghost - dragonfly industri
ghost - dragonfly industri

Dragonfly Industri – Ghost | Sublime Dreams

Dragonfly Industri is a Melbourne based singer-songwriter, realizing her dream of being a musician with her debut single Ghost. Self-taught and revived by her love for songwriting, the artist uses magical melodies, simple vocals and grand harmonies to tailor her sound.

The artist uses the song as a medium to impart her newfound wisdom that dreams are not unattainable. They’re not mountains that are conquered by luck or chance but an undeniable destiny that needs to be realized one day at a time. Inspired by her own life, the lyrics analogizes ghosts to mean the common misconception that dreams are not for everyone except for a lucky few. “Ghost, you’re not real; just a mesh in my mind” speaks volumes in its articulated wisdom.

Calming melodies embellished by starry harmonies lends a celestial vibe to the song. The artist creates vocal orchestras to populate the spaces between the lyrical wisdom. The autobiographical rendition beautifully illustrates the reclamation of the mature age artist’s youth when she began to believe and dream again.

The artist uses myriad of instrumental melodies and styles to engender a sublime experience for the listener. The song contains several unique melodic arcs that interact, blend, marinate and flow away. With vocal melodies and common drum beat tempo in the first verse, a glorious vocal harmony leads us to the next arc – cymbal stick clicks tempo and a delightful electric guitar melody. In the final arc, we see an angelic vocal orchestra with tenor harmonies.

Magnificently rendered, Ghost by Dragonfly Industri carries a contagious optimism and an unbending truth. Available on Spotify!

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