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Velvet Starlings – HG Wells | Rock ‘n’ Roll Time Lords

Garage rock band Velvet Starlings hails from Los Angeles and Southern California but sounds like one of the acts out of the 1960s British Invasion but with a contemporary veneer. HG Wells is the new track from their upcoming second album Pacific Standard Time. They are spearheaded by lead vocalist and organist Christian Gisborne. Brothers Foster Poling and Hudson Poling handle drum and bass duties respectively. Alexander Thornton handles guitar duties.

Velvet Starlings have become prominent in the neo-psychedelic garage rock scene on the US West Coast. The band has toured extensively domestically in the states and internationally. Their songwriting and musical ingenuity worked wonders when their last record was noted by Dave Davies from The Kinks. What better accolade than positive reception from stalwarts of classic British rock.

HG Wells starts with a banger of a classic rock riff which forms the backbone of the song. We hear some fiery energetic drum belting by drummer Foster Poling who along with Hudson forms the in-sync and tight fraternal rhythm section. The song has modern production behind the classic 60s rock facade. The song is masterfully produced by Gisborne himself along with Joel Jerome of Sloppy Jane and Cherry Glazerr fame. Mastering is done by Brian Lucey who has worked with the Arctic Monkeys, Liam Gallagher, and the Black Keys.

The song is a homage to sci-fi fictional “time lords” Dr.Who, Doc Brown (from Back to the Future), and H.G. Wells. The lyrics cheekily ask to change the current state of events for the better. Psychedelic elements are well balanced by the astute arrangement in the track. It has all the elements of British Invasion garage rock including the ever perennial organ. HG Wells is a track full of groovy vintage rock energy.

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