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Frances Hope – Beautiful Mind | Stunning
Frances Hope – Beautiful Mind | Stunning

Frances Hope – Beautiful Mind | Stunning

Frances Hope is an Indie Folk artist with a very unique and blended style of music. She grew up listening to folk and therefore that has had a major influence on her music. Through unmatched subtlety and iconic soundscapes, Frances Hope takes you into some parallel universe where tranquillity is a constant phenomenon. Her unique music style is what her fans love about her the most.

Frances Hope released a soulful number recently called Beautiful Mind. It is a gorgeous and delicate song that features singing in the most ethereal manner. In the background, you get swayed away by the stunning piano notes that lure you into listening to the song again and again. You would be mesmerized by how there are not a plethora of instruments in the track. It is a very simple song in terms of its instrumentality. That being said, it is anything but a simple song in terms of its essence. With many layers fused in together, Beautiful Mind portrays the nature of the mind itself through its complex yet stunning musicality. You would like to pay attention to the finer details, cause the song comprises many subtleties that make it what it is.

Frances Hope has done an excellent job when it comes to her vocals. Through extraordinary vocals and her soft and mellifluous voice, you are sure to feel uplifted in no time.

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