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Pisceze - Red Handed
Pisceze - Red Handed

Pisceze – Red Handed | Groovy Soul

Pisceze is a singer-songwriter and gamer who lives in Canada. She uses her heritage and her upbringing to shape the world of music in her own way. Her music features strong, emotional lyrics fused with everyday introspection on love. While she only began in 2019, Pisceze has really set the R&B scene ablaze with her music. Her singles, Five and What’s Your Sign grew immensely popular among fans. She was also featured on BBC1xtra and various other stations. With music that can get you grooving with ease, it would be surprising if she wasn’t.

Her latest single, Red Handed, comes as a welcomed addition to her discography. After the success of Dodging Bullets, she created a track with a load more emotion. Everything from the vocals to the percussions and additive harmonies creates so much soul in the track. The whole song comes together quite well with Pisceze setting the tone really well. Her voice, angelic as ever, fills the song with so much emotion that you can’t help but immerse yourself in it. Moreover, the beats are deep and heavy, adding much depth. However, the outro sequence that slows everything down really gets me every single time.

Pisceze is an artist who really knows what she’s doing. Her music is merely a reflection of who she is and it really shows. Her ability to show emotional vulnerability and own it is admirable, to say the least.

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