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Metrophobia-Kryptonite For the Superman
Metrophobia-Kryptonite For the Superman
Metrophobia-Kryptonite For the Superman

Metrophobia-Kryptonite For the Superman | Beyond the zeitgeist

You miss parts of the 90’s you thought you never would. Rifling through a phone book, meeting a friend at a place and getting lost trying to reach it. A cult group rising that said the internet would be huge and we called them nerds. Metrophobia represent the best of the best of the 90s, the music. As alt-rock grew, we heard the biggest acts with the loudest sound. Kryptonite For the Superman seems to have been instantly transmitted from there.

With a punk rock chord progression and alt-rock sound from the biggest names like The Pixies and vocalist Markus Gmur sounding like young Vedder, Metrophobia seems to have it all. Their solid beat does little to deviate from the great, simple sound the song puts out. The neat guitar climbs and flourishes in the break spaces make the song reminiscent of a simple, yet more complicated time. Jose Garrido does the grunt work of providing a scintillating background for Markus to work off of.

Their 2021 album Silent Treatment marked the birth of an interesting codex of sound. Metrophobia is representative of the quintessential 90s kid who grew up in bewilderment of the cultural boom they would experience. Uncomplicated, fun and mostly drawn with the drive of sound, Metrophobia keep the streak going with this smashing single.

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