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Julia Mark – Shadow | It’s the Warmth

Julia Mark is a singer-songwriter and pianist. She writes catchy melodies about life on the moon, heartbreak on Earth and secret plans. As well as palindromes which happen to be just one of those many topics she likes to write songs about!

It is almost ridiculous how smoothly she transitions from wordplay to wit alongside the weight of being human in this witty yet moving body of work that features some great pin-point vocals. We now understand why Julia’s music has such a smart narrative like a postmodern jazz-pop classic. Since she was nurtured on the sounds of bebop greats and folk classics.

 Julia Mark was nominated for Songwriter of the Year at the New England Music and Boston Music Awards, along with Female Performer of the Year at the New England Music Awards, upon the release of her album “Gemini” in 2018.

Julia’s new single ‘Shadow’ catches your attention within the first 30 seconds. The song starts with a lively piano tune and a subtle cello, setting all the warm and soothing mood needed for the track. “Fear is the shadow of my wish for you,” is one of our favorites! Julia’s melodious voice without any overdone instruments, is is just beyond amazing!

Although lyrics are all about hurting doubts in a relationship and being suspicious about the partner’s actions, it still feels very comforting while listening to this song. Because a melodic voice makes us forget reality while on the bus or kitchen at work!

Listen to Shadow here.

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