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Hyattsvillain-Dr. Colorado
Hyattsvillain-Dr. Colorado
Hyattsvillain-Dr. Colorado

Hyattsvillain-Dr. Colorado | Manic energy

A dose of a ballbuster with perfect duration. You don’t get a lot of those tracks nowadays. Especially from a spring mattress genre like punk. Hyattsvillain exist, and I’m glad they do. Dr. Colorado is their latest single, and it has non-sellout raw energy that hasn’t been licked off a vinyl in a long time.

Dr. Colorado doesn’t have a gas vehicle from the late 60’s spark plug start. It has adapted with the times, and its a Tesla gone rogue. By that I mean 0-60 in the blink of an eye, and honest to god adrenaline rush. Take the time to appreciate their character effects as well, the ski-mask look is great. Shows that they aren’t here for the name, just to deliver great music. In less than 2 minutes, they do more damage and channel more punk than any fresh band I’ve heard the pleasure of chasing with my gab.

We’re talking Naked Raygun/Husker Du/Stiff Little Fingers punk honor. Where bands escaped the drag and stuck it to the man. They’ve released two singles last year, Yolo is a lie and Crazy Wild Pow Wow. So instead of chicklet-keyboard-smacking pretentious writers convincing you to listen to their uncaged tracks, you might as well give them a whirl. All you would have to lose is that façade that you’re a purist.

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