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David Baron and Fiona Glenn - Crossover
David Baron and Fiona Glenn - Crossover

David Baron and Fiona Glenn – Crossover | Daydream

Crossover by David Baron and Fiona Glenn has a lovely laid-back vibe about it. With Fiona’s powerful voice, the trance is so intense in the song that it makes you daydream. ‘Crossover’ transports you to the reverberant mood of a leisurely dance on a terrace and driving by the natural environment, liberated and full of love, in a calm, luminous hallucination. The rich, silky guitar licks will undoubtedly appeal to listeners, and they define the major atmosphere of the song.

Donna Lewis wrote the lyrics, David Baron created the music, and 16-year-old Fiona Glenn provided amazing lead vocals. The tune starts with Baron’s gorgeous melody, which has guitars playing off one other and an evocative, even spooky atmosphere. Glenn’s breezy voice enters very immediately, disintegrating any concerns and fears, transporting listeners into a lovely tune to vibe to in complete tranquilly.

The performances are intimate, personal, and have a great deal of depth. The song’s tempo is just right for the atmosphere. There is a lot of clarity in the songwriting. If you remain and listen carefully, it provides visual allusions, which is unquestionably a big plus for the record. The passionate vocal delivery is immersive and immediately captures the audience’s attention. It’s an incredible team effort, the transitions between parts and instruments are especially smooth. The arrangement is so perfect that it nearly seems effortless and so true to the song’s mood.

I’d say the music reaches its apex when the chorus comes in; Fiona’s vocals are even more heavenly, and the guitars and instruments are simply absolutely delicate. A must-listen for fans of indie pop, dream pop, and soft, silky vocals.

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