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Rinrin-Hellfire | Electro Rock

With her new track, Rinrin proves she is in the big league now. Her latest single Hellfire features an upbeat tempo, emphatic guitar hooks and lyrics that demand attention. Hellfire shows that pop punk has a new wave rising, and Rinrin is cruising towards the top. Oh, I forgot to mention this, she’s only 20.

Inspired to write this track while experiencing the insufferable heat of Karratha, the opening implodes with a drum & guitar combo. Channeling the Howard Jones era of Killswitch Engage, you can almost taste classic metalcore. Her lyrics have a clear message- give me the respect that I deserve. In my opinion, that won’t be a problem for I feel she’s earned it, especially since her last single, The Game.

If this is the opening track for her latest EP Episode 1, fans need to brace themselves for excessive headbanging and mayhem. The music video for Hellfire is just as entertaining- following a character in a dystopian cyberpunk post apocalypse world. Anime creators beware, for this could be the birth of a genre within itself. Safety? I don’t think so, just Rinrin with her axe should be enough.

Audax Studios seem to have done an incredible job of mixing the track because the balance is just right. If a 20-year-old from Perth, Australia can wreak this much havoc on the opening track of her first EP, mark my words, you’re witnessing the birth of a force to beware.

I had the opportunity to interview Rinrin about her latest single and subsequent endeavors. Check out the excerpt below:

1) You’re only 20 yet have achieved a great deal for young talent in pop punk. What has your musical journey been like? 

To sum it all up it’s overwhelming with how fast things are. I always thought of just playing my guitar for other people as a band mamber. Never thought about fronting a band or just even a back up singer. I just had my 1st Year 17 July as a solo artist, three singles released, gigging with my band and an EP in Sept, signed up with Dave McClean, everything is full steam ahead.

2)Metalcore & Rock are making a comeback as popular genres. Do you see a major shift in audience towards this style of music? 

I’m not really sure to be honest. My mantra is to create my own music to be loved by anyone regardless of which genre you are…that’s Rin-core – my genre.

3) Other than obvious inspirations from Paramore which everybody mentions, what are RinRin’s other derivatives for music? 

Bring Me the Horizon, RedHook, Baby Metal and just recently Poppy.

4) Are there any exciting collaborations waiting for the RinRin fanbase? 

My management (Riverman) is planning on something but nothing definite yet. Will see when it happens.

5) You claim that Karratha inspired you to write “Hellfire”. What is your artistic process usually-lyrics or melody first? 

Lyrics, Melody then music mostly.

So fans of Rin-core are to rejoice, parallel projects have the gears running! Meanwhile listen to her hellacious track here:

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