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Strainge - Alexander Technique Remix
Strainge - Alexander Technique Remix
Strainge - Alexander Technique Remix

Ramleak Continues to Push Boundaries with Experimental Acid House Remix

Ramleak’s latest release, “Strainge – Alexander Technique Remix,” is a captivating Acid House track that is sure to get you moving. The trio’s signature “garbage-disposal acid sound” is showcased brilliantly in this remix, as it defies typical song structure and delivers an electrifying experience from start to finish. With its infectious melodies and psychedelic textures, this track is perfect for any festival or dance floor.

The remix is part of Ramleak’s album, Strainge, which includes tracks like “Acclivity” and “Dimensions,” along with remixes from Alexander Technique and Squarwav. Ramleak’s production skills and creative ability are on full display in this album, as he expertly blends hypnotic techno with a more minimal sound.

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Alexander Technique’s remix of “Strainge” adds a darker dimension to the already mesmerizing track. The combination of Ramleak’s signature sound and Alexander Technique’s expert remixing skills creates a truly unique and unforgettable listening experience.

Ramleak’s sound is often compared to artists like Len Faki and FJAAK, but he has found his own niche in the techno arena with his dynamic and abstruse approach. With their latest release, Ramleak has proven once again that they are a force to be reckoned with in the Acid House scene. For fans of Acid music, Strainge – Alexander Technique Remix is a must-listen.

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