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I Am the Unicorn Head – I Fell in Love with a Space Slug
I Am the Unicorn Head – I Fell in Love with a Space Slug

I Am the Unicorn Head – I Fell in Love with a Space Slug

I Am the Unicorn Head is an exciting two-piece alternative and prog rock band that hails from the UK and the USA. I Fell in Love with a Space Slug is the title song off their latest EP. The band has recently embarked on an ambitious project, a concept album titled ‘Unicorns in Space.’ The album is a musical journey through the adventures of two unicorn astronauts in space, with each song representing a different episode in the narrative. The duo has even created a Youtube playlist that will eventually culminate in a full musical movie.

Musically, the song commences as an uptempo rock song with some retro progressive rock vibes. However, as the track progresses in the second half we are in for a treat. The second half of the song changes in tone with added lush sounding chords and a great instrumental section. A guitar riff proceeds to create tension along with various synths. This section feels like you’re traveling through space at high speed. Then the soft clean guitar section with synths comes along, and the song ends on a serene note before concluding with a final chorus. I Am the Unicorn Head hits the ball out of the park!

Their music has a genre-hopping style that incorporates elements of alternative, indie, punk, post-punk, garage rock, and krautrock. They have also been featured in the biggest publication for progressive music PROG magazine. The duo formed at the beginning of the pandemic when they met on Reddit and discovered their shared passion for music. This collaboration has led to a large body of work that showcases their eclectic musical tastes. With their eclectic musical style and unique storytelling approach, I Am the Unicorn Head is definitely one to keep an eye on in the coming year.

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