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Peter Gural – Best I’ve Ever Had | Amour Remedy

Haverford, Pennsylvania based indie musician Peter Gural treats us to a delightful and fuzzy romantic track with Best I’ve Ever Had. Best I’ve Ever Had is an indie pop rock with a summer and heartwarming vibe. The Philly singer-songwriter is influenced by artists like Elliot Smith and Marc Demarco. With bass, guitar, vocals, and synths by Peter Gural and drums by Eric Darnsteadt. We have some stunning production work by Charlie Dane Lublin and Tre Esp Esponiza with mastering by Alexander Wrigh.

The song begins with a voice-over and pretty jangly chords along with the bass propelling us to the verses. The chimy guitar comping on the verses and the second verse has a higher tasty lead line phrasing. This is a song you would play in your nocturnal joy night drives. The lyrics deal with losing and reuniting with your loved one with imagery that is charming and emotive. The song also has a quirky DIY video shot by Kerry Lloyd, Gural’s partner, to whom the song is dedicated and who does the artwork for his music. There is a dreamy bridge with a starry feel, a highlight of the song you’ll fall in love with.

This is his first release of the year after the more mellow Stay Out of My Dreams. Peter Gural’s vocals sound like Chris Martin while his music is reminiscent of the Arctic Monkeys and Mitski. The song has an early Beatles vibe to it while sounding like an upbeat Smiths. Best I’ve Ever Had ia a chill easy listening alternative rock-pop song which evokes feelings of affectionate warmth.

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