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Buenos Diaz-Inauguration Day

Buenos Diaz-Inauguration Day | Prolific

Simplified complex instrumentals layered with soft vocals and a Johnny Marr approach to guitar sound. Buenos Diaz is bringing effort and patience in his sound when its required the most, with Inauguration Day. He makes the track his playground, and delves into the miracle of music with this soft track.

The keyboard and guitar work working as a cop team like CHIPs is what makes this song a highlight. With a relatively simple chord progression to reflect the lyrics, Buenos Diaz purposes the verses and chords to be a simple group of layers you can dissect to listen to the craft. The mild distortion on the guitar makes for an interesting guitar sound that suspends over the air of the piano that ballets on either side of the strings.

All of Buenos Diaz songs are a celebration of the time we live in. So when the living became more complex, he sang about that. It’s that hot chocolate you need for comfort, a warm blanket when its snowing outside. The song is so much more than the 4 and a half minutes or so it is limited to. Its the feeling that something has changed, the silver lining so to speak. A glimmer of hope in the dark.

Listen to his other positive tracks like Beautiful & Down On the Bayou to keep the flow going.

Welcome Inauguration Day with this happy new track:

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