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Kevin Kadish, David Baron – Weakness | Sentimental

Woodstock-based artists Kevin Kadish and David Baron recently released a melancholic pop single titled, “Weakness”. David Baron has worked with a lot of established artists like The Lumineers, Lenny Kravitz and Meghan Trainor, and his experience in the industry has helped him curate fantastic songs of his own. “Weakness” features impressive lyrics, an emotional piano and a solid rhythm section that sets the mood for this dynamic track.

Over a soft piano melody, “Weakness” starts off with the line, “Just because I’m stoned, doesn’t mean I don’t care..”. Kevin’s vocals are very powerful; he sings about not feeling insecure anymore and how he doesn’t want the person he’s singing to know how fragile he can be. He sings in a conversational style in most sections, except for the section in the chorus where auto-tune is used quite creatively and blends in well with the other elements of the track. I really liked how the vocals in the chorus sound with the simple yet strong drums – it’s aggressive and emotional at the same time! The song also has a sentimental bridge section with only a piano to accompany Kevin’s vocals. As he sings, he laments how no one is around him and how his weakness might drown him.

The track is made up of only a few instruments that are very appealing and get the artists’ story across. “Weakness” is a thoroughly professional, cleanly mixed track with a captivating chorus that will appeal to a lot of listeners. I’m sure David Baron and Kevin Kadish have a lot more in store for us and I am eager to hear more from the talented duo!


We were lucky enough to get an interview with the men themselves! Here’s what they had to say..

“Weakness” starts off very emotional and sounds like a piano ballad at first. What was the inspiration behind the aggression in this song?

That’s a great question, and probably one that might give you an “ah ha” moment… lol.   The musical arrangement is a metaphor for the meaning of the song.  It’s starts off one way and you think the song is going to be a certain way just because of the first impression,  but it ends up being very different than you think…. Kinda of like me.   🙂

What was the most challenging aspect of recording “Weakness”?

Some of the melodies towards the back of the song or vocally in the stratosphere. Very very hard to hit for a male vocalist. 

You have worked with some great artists like Shawn Mendes, Lenny Kravitz, and many more. What was it like working with them?

I was very fortunate early in my songwriting career to have had the opportunity to work with or be in the studio with incredible artists like Willie Nelson, Rob Thomas, Jason Mraz, and more. Since then, I’ve been blessed to build a career off of more “developing artists “.   Most of my bigger successes have come by writing or producing the song that helps a new artist become a big star.   I guess it’s kind of like investing in a “start up” versus investing in a proven corporate entity. There’s a bigger potential win with the start up but there’s always a bigger risk of “no return on investment”.  All that said, it’s been amazing to work with artists on both ends of the spectrum of success.

Which instruments made their way into the final draft of this song? How many instruments do you play?

I played the electric guitars, programmed the drums, and sang the vocals.   I can play most instruments but I would say that I would only “choose to be in a band” as  a guitar player and vocalist. 

There is some warmth in this track thanks to the analog hardware used I presume. What is your go-to hardware gear when it comes to mixing and mastering?

I use a lot of outboard gear in tracking and mixing. My master buss has several levels of compression… first, I go into the tube tech SCM-2BM then into the Shadow Hills mastering compressor, next it hits the Chandler limited curve bender EQ, and finally it’s touched by the SSL X-logic stereo compressor.

There’s a bit of auto-tune used on your vocals in “Weakness”. What are your thoughts about the use of the plug-in in commercial music nowadays?

I think it really just depends on the song. Sometimes auto tune isn’t as much about correcting vocal pitch as it is about making it sound more modern.   Often times and untuned vocal can feel a little “retro“ especially in an organic song.   In the case of “weakness” I would say there’s less autotune then there is vocal effects. There is a low octave on my vocal through the whole thing which makes it feel more tuned.   Then there is vocoder which again adds to the electronic feeling. All this is meant to counteract the organic elements in the production. 

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